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By John Olney, July 28, 2008, & modified April 15, 2009
copyright all rights reserved, Wine Country Marketing and Promotions (WCM&P)
1370 Trancas St., #409, Napa, CA 94558 Phone: 707-299-9548


The existing non-profit, tax exempt property will be converted into a mixed non-profit and for-profit complex.

The 1st floor would consist entirely of “for-profit” businesses
The theater will possibly remain. The retail store, bar, lounge entry, Bistro and Julia’s Kitchen will be torn down, and the space remodeled and used as lease space for many new high end shops: brand name clothing,, jewelry, books, art, coffee/tea shops, studios, wine bars, and similar shops to those found in Walnut Creek, Santana Row, Rodeo Drive, etc.

All of the equipment, fixtures and furnishings of Julia’s will be moved to the new “Club FAME!” restaurant, lounge, and night club to be located on the northeast end of the 2nd floor. WCM&P will attempt to open discussions with successes such as Pat Kuleto, the owners of the Slanted Door located in the Ferry Building, San Francisco, and others, to design and oversee operations of the facility

Moving in a easterly direction from the main entry wall will be located merchant stations of varying size.

The collective name of the shopping ground level will be “The COPIA River-Walk Mall .”

The 2nd floor main open area
The floor plan to the right does not show the east end area where the administrative offices are located. They run north from the classroom which is the outcrop at the southern end of the drawing. The Admin room, classroom and Founders Room, and the deck outside the Founders room will be incorporated into a new 2nd floor restaurant-lounge-nightclub overlooking the river along the Oxbow named “Club FAME!” It would be operated as a high-end facility appealing to the more affluent permanent Napa and semi permanent Bay Area residents, and traveling buiness persons and tourists.

The balance of space will be remodeled to house the American Wine Industry (AWI) Hall of Fame (HOF), Museum and Foundation” created and already initiated by Wine Country Marketing and Promotions (WCM&P). It will be a non-profit corporation.

The advantage of the AWI Hof and museum is that it does not conflict with, nor interrupt Napa wine industry marketing and sales programs. This HOF will include those in the wine industry who have, in the past and the current time, created wines from all the various feedstocks available -- honey, berries, and tree fruits as well as both native and foreign grape varietals and still in use today in many states of the USA. Furthermore, candidates and inductee will be selected since the earliest winemaking individuals and companies known to be operating since the 1600’s.

The museum would contain artifacts, photo’s, manuscripts, music scores, processing equipment, etc., of American winemaking since its inception.

The foundation would support studies into the various elements of the history of the AWI, search for old sites/artifacts, collect pertinent literature, etc.

For a more in depth review of our concepts for the COPIA site, please continue your reading by clicking here ->>> http://jolney.blogspot.com/2009/05/proposed-new-copia-facilities.html

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