Monday, February 15, 2010

The CIA funding of Glomar Explorer salvage attempt of a sunken Soviet Submarine, K-129

Well. it is begunnung, The article below is going to be just the first of many. I'm just glad I was able to play a tiny role in the whole operation as we detected the sub just outside Petropavlvsk harbor as she began her mission   Click below:

Originally posted on Saturday, February 13, 2010
I just received my copy of the newly released documentatary film about a Soviet Submarine operation in which I was involved in the first detection of the boat after it started its patrol from the Soviet submarine port of Petropavlask, Kamchatca Pennisula, in late February 1968. At the time, I was the Evaluation Cemter Officer at the headquarters of a system known by the acronym "SOSUS." It stands for SOund SUrvellience System, which back then was a super secret land based Anti Submarine Warfare platform providing frontline early warning to Washington D.C. military leaders of Soviet missile launching capable submarine threats on both coasts.

This Soviet submarine threat is one of the five Soviet submarine transit operations that I use in my novel, “The SOSUS Man.” You can read my synopsis and first couple chapters of my book by clicking here:

This is a system which, at the real time in 1968, we thought it had detected the explosion or implosion of this submarine in March 1968 but as I learned through the discovery and release of information by Michael’s work, which was previously unknown to me and my command senior officers, indicates we were incorrect in our real time post- analysis re-examination and reporting of a possible detection.

The documentary film is described below:

Produced, written and directed by Michael White Films, Vienna Austria;(please scroll down for purchasing information)

“AZORIAN - The raising of the K-129

A mysterious CIA cold war operation.
A secret journey into the oceans depths
A challenge of ingenuity and imagination
A story of man’s unprecedented resolve"

Michael’s work, through his team of consulting experts, information data collection and verification technical advisor and meticulous computer animation and graphics by his production staff, have woven a factual visual presentation and story about one of the most controversial events undertaken by our CIA.

This is a spectacular documentary film which finally appears to have revealed all of the highly classified sensors, intelligence, detection and tracking, sinking, search & localization and ultimate salvage attempt of a Soviet diesel-electric ballistic missile launching capable submarine during the height of the cold war period of 1968-1973 in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean.

Purchasing information follows: (extracted from Web-site of Michael White Films)

"Please help DVD copyright protection. This DVD can only be purchased new via this website [ ]. If you purchase this DVD new elsewhere, you are buying an illegal copy that is not authorised by the Producer of this film. Title: Azorian The Raising of the K-129 (Region 0/PAL - DVD)
Language: English
Run Time: 104 minutes
Sound: Dolby 5.1
Rating: NR
Format: 16:9 PAL
Please note: You are buying a PAL/DVD. Please check your DVD Players compatibility.Price: € 33.00 Applicable taxes included. Without shipping.
To see total price please choose your country, quantity and shipping speed."

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