Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Book, Booklet and Poster updates

Below I have listed the URL's for all to read the current staus of the projects listed as of April 6, 2011.

“The Essence of the Modern Napa Valley Wine Industry”
This publication will  ultimately contain  27 interviews  (20 completed) varying in length from 2 to 4 hours  each with some of the greatest names in the Napa Valley wine industry.  I have seven (7) more interviews to complete.  They all addressed the same five questions. 

The individuals are representative of the various elements of what makes up an industry so you will hear from vineyard managers and owners, winemakers both small and large, winery owners both small and large, marketing/public relations experts, Napa County officials responsible for AG Preservation and definition of what constitutes a winery, insurance execs who had to figure how to assess the risk of insuring a vineyard/winery, a wine owners wife and mother and her perspectives, woman winery owners and much more.

"Empire Gold:  Mines to Wines -- The Past meets the Present".
This publication will contain the history of wine production in the county which held the largest yielding gold mine in California's gold rush era.

"Olney’s Guide to Nevada County Wineries"
This publication contains narrative directions about how to get to these widely spaced wineries, their second tasting rooms in Grass Valley, and the wines they produce.

The Nevada County Winery Poster and Fold-out Brochure
These publications include a guide to the wineries, golf courses, parks, lakes and other merchants of this very beautiful and relaxing foothill community.

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