Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Status report 4/6/11my book “The Essence of the Modern Napa Valley Wine Industry”

Over this past weekend, I have contacted Harvey Grant, founder of Elypsis, Inc. of Napa (  ) to open discussions on getting the ways and means of charging to read the interviews up and running.

I believe I have figured out a way to get this book on line and making money I am researching how to establish subscription channels for each of the 27 interviews. Consumers will be able to subscribe to read each of the 27 interviews but will not be able to copy them. I have devised a one time payment plan that offers discounts compared to individually purchasing right to read each interview.

As we derive income from the interview sales, we will use it to transcribe the next interview to be placed on line.

The subscription route will provide us with a mailing list.

Once we have all the interviews done and I can complete the book summarizing all the interviews, we can begin selling it on line also.

Costs will be relative low since we won’t be publishing the interviews in book form until we have generated many individual interview reading sales.

None during this period

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